As some of us out there, I am not very tech savvy person. My first close up experience with online marketing came in 2008 during my internship. Fascinated by it I tried learning as much as I could about it. After getting my masters in International Marketing and Management, I entered the real world of marketing to find a job, thinking I was well equipped. The reality was different from classroom and marketing had whole new dimension and face in this world. Marketing now meant leveraging website, online forums, blogs, social networks etc.

So with the experience I have from current job and the book (Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS), I am learning to design a website for a charity organization(Cancer Council Nepal)  in Nepal. I will like you to build this website with me. If you are like me lets learn something together or if you are pro then your suggestions and input will be valuable to us.

I started from second chapter as it says create a web page right now. So, lets open our notepad for window or TextEdit for mac. Do not use the word or wordpad.

Now write something about you, your family, your company or anything you want. This is just practice so lets roam free.  According to book save it in plain, standard ASCII text or plain text as we will be adding html tags to it later.

And finally when we are ready to save it save it as .html.  If you forget to save it as .html the notepad or TextEdit whichever program you choose to use will assign different format due to which you might not be able to find it and open it with web browser.
Note: In Mac TextEdit before saving click format then make plain text.

Now the icon will appear on the screen with the name you have given.html.
Double click and here is your first webpage.

Every web page must have the tags below:

<html>           HTML document

<head>           Page Information

<title>            Title of the website

<body>          Page Content

Here is how it should look like.

xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF - 8"?>

<!--DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"


xmlns="" cml:lang="en">


  <title> The Dummy Web Page </title>




(The text your typed earlier)




You can simply copy paste the above code and add your text or type the whole codes then save it. I will explain what the codes are and why we use it in the next post. Now we have our first webpage. Don’t forget to share your comments and views.