The launch of any apple products are much anticipated and awaited by it’s loyal audience around the globe. iphone 4 wasn’t exceptional. According to Steve Jobs it was one of the most successful product launch. With this much anticipated wait and launch came the frustration of the users. It has issue with the antenna. When held the certain way it drops the call.

OK it might be surprising to see me mentioning this point or even talking about the problem iphone 4 is having. What does it have anything to do with marketing? In some sense nothing really and in other context everything. Here is the interesting part. The consumerism, loyalty of apple fans, and the use of social media and the extent consumers went to express there opinion. Blog posts, articles, youtube videos, comments, twitter etc.

Although the consumers concerns reached Apple,the answer from Steve Jobs was far from convincing. Being an apple product, people expected more professional and responsible reply normally associated with the company. But the only terse reply they got in this case was “Don’t hold it that way”. This spread around online media like wild mushroom. But guess what, people still bought latest iphone in masses.

It is also interesting to note that many wireless phone are launched every year and not all of then are defect free. They also have similar issues like iphone does but why so much publicity about the apple iphone.

Well apart from the problem, another interesting note here is how apple managed to increase it’s sales by 70%. What fascinates me even more again is audience loyalty. The technology iphone4 has was invented long ago and was/is available with other phones. But still when it came with iphone4 it was something everyone wanted. Looking closely we can see the clever marketing strategy. The existing at&t customers were eligible for upgrade if they had been customer for at least 6 month. They didn’t have to wait for year. This automatically captured the loyal audience and 77% of people who got iphone 4 were returning customer.

Not only now but since the beginning apple have been able to keep loyal audience wowed and wanting more with their differentiating marketing strategy. Design, ease of use and innovation combined with clear and attractive communication helped apple achieve its market position. They integrated online and offline marketing with clear and easy message for its audience to understand is another big apple strategy. This can be seen on latest tv commercial for iphone4. When you look at that add it has a lifestyle story to tell, it communicates with you, at the same time showing the latest innovation and technology.  White never looked fashionable until it came in form of ipod.