The biggest story today that involved from president to general public. Everyone is and wants to be part of it in some way. No one is unaware of the biggest environmental disaster in the US history. Yes I am talking about BP oil spill in gulf of Mexico. It affects lives of many people who live around the area, mostly of those who relied on gulf of Mexico for income. Many delicate ecosystems are threatened along with the future of fishing and tourism industry.

But more out of ordinary than that was how there were mixed reaction which fueled the internet with oil spill sensation. Many website were created promising to help those affected , youtube videos were created to express the true feeling and again to market the products, twitter was overloaded with the tweets and etc.

BP is on the top to join the parade of this online marketing world by buying the keywords related to oil spill and BP on the search engines like google, yahoo, msn. Making sure they are listed number one when people search for the BP oil spill. Some marketing experts criticized this BP’s effort to rebuild its image and brand, saying BP is manipulating the information public is seeking. Whatever the reason BP has to do everything in its power to get out of this mess. It is brilliant to get their side of story out. BP is working with today’s consumer and world. No matter what is published in magazine or broadcast in news, online is the most visited and important source of information today.

Another point to note even though BP’s own site is the first thing that comes first in search engines, the website is full of only what BP has to say and is doing. Nowhere you will find the reactions of real people and those effected. Rather than only being the first site in the search engines and only showing their side of story, it would have been more impressive if people could share their point of view in BP Response website. Not that people need to rely on BP’s response site to express their opinion. But letting them express their opinion in the BP’s site and posting response might have helped counter effect little bit of negative effect. If you watch the youtube videos the comment section is switched off.

BP even funded 5 million dollar ad campaign to boost New Orleans tourism industry. Similar approach was taken to promote the tourism in Louisiana and Florida.Apart from BP”s own effort to dominate the online world, Law firms are also cutting the slice out of this big pie in a promise to help those effected by oil spill.

As I was coming to the conclusion of this post,  BP announced the news we all had been waiting for , it was able to at least temporarily stop the oil spill. They will start testing on Thursday.Though negative BP got huge publicity, according to bbc its share rose on New York Trading Post after the oil spill was temporarily stopped.

Will all this effort help BP rebuild its image is too early to tell. So while the ecosystems, the people, nature and livelihoods of affected people are hanging by the thread due to this BP fiasco, the opportunities for making lumps of money for marketing and law sector is almost endless.