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Analytic, quantitative report collected from the website. Marketers best friend. Helps user understand where consumer are coming from, which page they are visiting, how long they are staying, what browser they are using , where they are viewing it from, successful keywords, success of campaign etc. So when time comes you can provide exactly what consumer are looking for at the exact time. Yes real-time marketing. Real time marketing teamed up with interactive marketing has become a culture now. And the analytical report helps you achieve that real-time goals. Google Analytic, Omniture siteCatalyst, yahoo, MSN they all have their own version of the tool. Now there is new analytic joining the team, TWITTER.

Twitter, gold mine of data, till now there had been handful of third-party vendors available to harvest this raw data. But not any more, twitter is also launching its new free analytical by the end of this year. It allows users to track the popularity of tweets, number of retweets, replies,  tweets received etc. The tweets will be categorized as good, best, all, favorite, retweets, replies etc.

Analytic are easy to navigate with basic knowledge. Most of the providers will also have assistance and training videos to help you through the process. But if you know the basic elements and what they mean, it will be simpler and easier to understand.

Traffic is the life line of any website. Traffic is measured through Visits, Pageview and unique visitors.

Visits: Visits are the most essential component of every web metric calculation and website. They are found in every page of analytical metrics. Visits tells us about the number of pageview from the visitors during certain time frame before exiting. Usually counting the visit in the website is difficult as you don’t know when the visitors exited the site, therefore according to the general standard the session will last for 3o minutes, if the user isn’t active for that time frame the session will be cancelled. Visit are different from the browser session. Browser session is if someone comes to your site then closes the site and exits,then again returns back within that 30 minutes time frame it is continuation of the same session.

Pageviews: It is the number of pages viewed by the visitor from the site during the visit. Pageview can be viewed for individual pages or total of pageview for whole website. Data is collected from only the tagged page, it is important to tag all the pages in website.

Pages/Visit: It is calculated by dividing pageviews by visits. This number gives you the effectiveness and how much your website is liked by customers. High value content and cross linking  is the best way to get this number increasing and up. The number higher that 2 is good. It helps to understand what people are doing on your website.

Bounce Rate: Bounce rate has always been fascinating to me since my first lesson of online marketing. Bounce rate means visitor came to the website and exited from the same page. But bounce rate singly cannot define the effectiveness of website as it varies depending on the type of website. For instance if you have a blog, people usually exit your site from the first page itself. So even if the blog is doing great it might have high bounce rate. So to make better use of bounce rate break it down according to the traffic source. When you look into new and returning visitors, if the bounce rate on returning visitor is high that is something to worry about.

Average Time on Site: Is the measurement of average time spent by visitor during each session. This measurement is bit tricky with google analytic as it doesn’t measure the time spent on the final page.

New Visits: It measures the first visit into total percentage.

Absolute Unique Visitor: It is single count of how many visitors visited the site during certain time period, doesn’t matter how many time they visited. But if the same visitor visits your site from different browser it is counted multiple times. This information provides lot of opportunity to explore the marketing options.