Ignoring the important role Email plays in today’s marketing and other aspects of business is impossible. Email marketing is electronic version of direct mail marketing. We have all received the email about new products, sale, offers and so on. The new marketing opened new ways and made it even easier to reach you target audience and communicate with them.

I am sure if you are in some kind of marketing role you have created or contributed in Email campaigns or Blast as we call in our company. In case you haven’t let me give you basic of how we do it.

First and most important is define clearly the goal and objective of the email. Why do you want to send an email? Do you want more visitors to the new page you created in the website or do you want to let your customers know about the product, or just acquire new clients and account?

Next it’s important to have your content and images ready that reflect the goal and objective of email. If the content isn’t strong enough to keep the reader engaged then the whole email will be chucked in delete folder along with your time and effort.

Once you have the dynamic content and the images ready. Think of the Subject for the email. This one line decides whether your email will be read or not. And don’t go away from the content of the email while choosing the subject of the email. If the email and it’s subject are going different direction that is another sign for reader to spam the email.

After those difficult task are performed it’s time to create actual template of email. Carefully choose the template that fits your messages and images and when put together looks interesting.

Here is how its done.

Here is the template I chose. I choose this template because it is clean simple and communicates my message. I have two products that I need to inform my customers about, the template has two distinguish segments to put my products at the same time distinguish them in the same email. My images are square and horizontal, and template has both, so it won’t be stretched or out of proportion.

Next step use your imagination and let it run wild as much as the template can handle.

This is how it looks after:

The screen shoots were taken in 3 different segments, so it might not align exactly. But you can see how the template is customized.

Thanks to different email marketing software company like icontact, constant contact, vertical response, mailchimp etc, it is even more easier to get your email out in no time. You no longer will have to fight with those html codes as some of these provider offer easy message builder and just with basic knowledge you will be pro.

The most amazing part is after you send the email. Remember how I said goal and objective of the email is important to define. Once the email is sent, you can track the results through your email provider itself. You can measure the objective or goal of the email against the actual result from the email campaign. You can track how many opened your email and if you had any links included, if they were clicked? You can import the data for your use. How many didn’t receive the email because of bad email address. So that you can contact them and verify email address. How many was forwarded, who unsubscribed from you emailing list etc.

What is your experience and thoughts?