Every year we wait for super bowl to see what, big creative minds have put together to blow our socks off in commercial world. This year most of commercial failed it purpose but some of them really stood out to capture their audience. We also saw the increase of online presence (car.com, homeaway.com, etrade, godaddy etc) and integration of online marketing with offline to create the buzz (Chyrsler 2011 Imported From Detroit and Volkswagen Mini-Darth).

Nowadays it is not only enough to capture the millions of fans watching the game. Even for commercial, like Hollywood movies, it is equally important to create the buzz before the big day.

My personal favorite was Chyrsler 2011 Imported From Detroit, Volkswagen Mini-Darth, Chevy Camaro Miss Evelyn, i phone 4 Verizon and Coco Cola Border War.

The Chyrsler Imported From Detroit created the picture of the tough past due to economy and how it emerged from that. The ad was also able to portrait the personal touch, pride and feeling on owning the new Chrysler 200 sedan. Rather than comparing with other foreign brand and showing its better and strong points,it highlighted its strength by taking pride in where it was made, it’s rich culture and history. Making it very personal to viewers. Due to which it was able to create an online buzz of “Imported from Detroit”.

The Volkswagen Mini-Darth, tapped into the feeling of their target audience with short, clear, funny and interesting commercial which helped it to go viral before super-bowl. The best part of this commercial is you don’t see the car until the end of commercial but that last appearance is so impressive it is hard to miss. It captures the essence of its target audience very well.

There were also some which made us think “Why are we killing our brain cells watching this commercial?” Some of the ads in these category were Kim Kardashian’s Sketchers Break up with personal trainer. You don’t see the actual product until the end of commercial and the beginning  of the commercial is very provocative and suggestive which takes you away from the essence associated with the  product. The groupon also achieved the top place on the worst commercials. Don’t get me wrong, I love groupon, who doesn’t like to get deals. But the commercial really got me wondering really are you this desperate or they didn’t do their homework and as they had already paid 3 million for 30 second spot they gotta throw something. And as if that wasn’t enough after airing that commercial when I check my email this morning this is what I find. It is hard to say if it is their way of saying we screwed and we want to make it right or still trying to cash out of their flop commercial.

Apart from the best and the worst commercial. The other aspect of marketing also amazed the super bowl. Rather than paying big dollars to advertising agency Pepsico decided to crowd source,  “Crash the Super Bowl contest“, that allowed amateur film maker to create super bowl ads for Pepsi and Doritos products.  The Pug Attack for D0ritos chips, won 1 million dollars after tying with Dog Sitter commercial for Bud light beer in USA today ad meter. Their viral marketing strategy paid of when the ad became immediate hit in youtube with thousands of views in weeks.